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I knew that in November I would need some time off and that things would be changing for me, but I did not completely forsee exactly how things would change. The good news is that life is fucking fantastic and my hard work has paid off in a big big way. However, that means I am unable to keep up with the volume of new clients I normally have in this business. And I don’t really need the income from this business like I did in the past. I am going to be traveling abroad most of December and January. I expect to be available for my regulars again in January 2015. I am more than happy to see repeat clients because you all are the ones that kept me going in this business when times were tough and I was unhappy in this industry. Feel free to get in touch with me using the contact info you currently have. Comments here are all screened so if you leave a comment only I will be able to see it. In the mean time take a look at my online offerings and downloads available through all the links in the side column.

Wow the month is already almost over! I’ve been incredibly busy and my schedule has been FULL! I love all of my clients and I hope to see some of you that I haven’t seen in a while. It seems like the fetish world has been busy these past few months. I can see that some of my fans have been spreading the word about my sessions on various sites, now that redbook is gone. I’ve been hearing all sorts of things about my pictures appearing on sites I’ve never heard of and listing me as being in New York! FYI I don’t use social media, forums or such sites other than twitter and instagram, so if you see a profile with my name or picture it isn’t me. I don’t even have a profile on fetlife or collarme anymore.

I know that November and December can be very busy, stressful or lonely. It can be harder to get away for an hour session, or it could be easier to disappear and claim it’s “holiday shopping” or some other such business. If you can’t get away from home or work then there’s always phone sessions too! Unfortunately, the company that I was using for my scat and toilet calls closed, so if you are interested in those subjects or other such extreme taboos you will need to arrange a pre-paid session through me directly. Whatever you prefer please get in touch with me as soon as possible before my schedule fills up again!

I’ve been receiving a lot of requests for travel and extended sessions so I thought I would clarify the rates on my Request A Session Page:

My dungeon is in the Lake Merritt neighborhood in Oakland, but if you are just visiting town I am more than happy to go to your hotel room in the East Bay, San Francisco, Peninsula and the South Bay. I often make trips to Santa Rosa, Sacramento, Napa, Modesto, Reno and Santa Cruz so stay in touch if you would like a session in any of those areas. I am more than happy to travel to see you but you may need to cover basic travel costs. Tribute is $220 an hour for all sessions, at my dungeon or your hotel. ($330 for 90 minutes, 3 hours for $500, $800 for 6 hours) Brown shower sessions are $250 for the first hour because of extra time spent on prep work and clean up. Additional time will be at the standard $220 an hour rate.

Travel outside of the San Francisco Bay Area may require an additional charge for travel expenses or I may require you book an extended session. Please contact me directly for details. Multi-day travel or airfare expenses will require a partial pre-payment in order for me to book my travel.

Hello there subs, slaves, fans and fiends!

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been a lot less active on social media, haven’t been updating this blog and stopped advertising in some of the popular places. Don’t worry I am still here and still taking clients. I’ve just made some executive decisions about my business and the type of client I want to see. I felt like social media was a huge time suck that wasn’t helping me nearly as much as I wanted. I’m not really an exhibitionist. Once upon a time a little bit of social media marketing went a long way, but I realized that I was putting more time and energy into it than I was getting back in cash or entertainment value. Same for this blog, but even more so because the sexy kinky femdom blogosphere is oversaturated. There is nothing more I can add to the conversation. It is not worth my time and energy to maintain a blog, so I have changed it to “news” instead. I cut back on my advertising because even though I was getting some good clients I was also getting a whole lot of useless clients and time wasters. I feel like I have cultivated a very nice select group of clients. I am always happy to see repeat clients and regulars. I am still happy to take new clients, but I have no desire to go out of my way to find them. If you wish to have a session please by all means contact me no matter if you are a new client, saw me once years ago or see me every month. In fact, if you want to see me any time soon you need to contact me now to book a session. I will be traveling again for a month starting July 14th and my schedule is filling up fast, so contact me now to schedule a session.

I will probably be most active on instagram so follow me there for the most frequent updates. And as always, I am frequently available for femdom calls on niteflirt.

Packing my party feathers for the trip via pun...

Packing my party feathers for the trip via punkroxxie

Hello everyone! I am back from my trip and I am taking sessions in my dungeon and over the phone. Unfortunately the company that I was using to handle calls from outside the US and also offer scat/toilet fetish calls has gone out of business. I have not yet found a replacement service, but I am more than happy to arrange those types of calls directly. DO NOT CALL MY NITEFLIRT LINES AND ASK TO TALK ABOUT SHIT OR PISS. It is against the TOS and I do not want to lose my account and there’s nothing you can do to convince me to do it. It is just as easy to arrange an appointment to talk to me directly on the phone or Skype or even text. See look at my Distance/Online session page. I can accommodate your spontaneity too. If you buy a package deal you will get my personal phone number, so if you see me online you can text and ask for a call. What’s also good about this is that all the money you pay goes to me rather than 60% going to Niteflirt. You will get a better value for your money and I will get a better percentage of your money. 100%.

Mistress is traveling through Asia until the end of March so I will not be taking calls through Niteflirt or sessions at my dungeon. If you send me a message or email I will probably be able to respond at some point in time, but I don’t know how regular or reliable my internet access will be. I have been trying to make this trip happen since September 2012, and I really appreciate everyone who supported me and sent gifts. Keep an eye on my instagram page (@punkroxxie) and I will post pics when I can.

So, first of all I have absolutely no understanding, experience or perception of Christmas as a religious holiday, and I know people are sensitive about Christmas greetings, and this is a fetish blog anyway… so I’m sure if I was Christian I would be going to hell or whatever. Here is a Christmas song about sex work. Hard Candy Christmas sung by Dolly Parton and others in the movie The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, which is “based on a true story” of a brothel. I really really really love Dolly Parton. People think I’m strange but I really love Dolly Parton for many reasons, not the least of which is the peppering of her songs with references to prostitution as a thing that just happens sometimes without any shame. And so here now is a Christmas song about women in a brothel.

English: Hong Kong combination shower and bathroom

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So I think we all know that about half my clients, submissives and slaves are into shit. I’m often shitting, not just in front of, but literally on top of another person who is closely watching my asshole. Somehow I still have public toilet anxiety. At the office the bathroom has a row of stalls and I have so much difficultly pooping if other people are in the bathroom. I worry that I take too long. Pooping is a process that you just can’t rush. It happens when it happens and I’m lucky to have found a method to be able to time my bowel movements enough that I can take appointments for brown showers. I am a slow pooper, so when I’m sitting in the public toilets I just want to rush and get out of there. I end up either not starting at all or getting interrupted. It’s frustrating.


Toilet talk hotline: Call for scat fantasies 1-877-44-SUGAR ext. 21237

Hello everyone! Mistress will be in Seattle October 18 and 19. I don’t have all the details of the trip yet but if you would like to see me in Seattle please contact me now so I can start planning.

Also, I offer long distance session packages for people that want to have more freedom and flexibility in communications.

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I often get requests and questions about tantra from guys that seem sort of confused. There is a lot of confusing and useless information about tantra out there so I want to explain exactly what it is that I do that I call tantra. Real Tantra from India is an ancient pre-Vedic religion with a huge body of practices, rituals, literature and philosophy. It can stand on it’s own as a religion, but for the most part it is integrated into Hindu, Jain and Buddhist practices. There are sexual rituals and practices in Tantra, but they are a very small part of a specific area of Tantra. I hear that they’ve fallen out of practice for the most part. The Kama Sutra is a book written about relationships for a culture where people have arranged marriages and often have little or no sexual contact before marriage. I don’t do any of these things. I am not a Trantrik, and I have no use for the Kama Sutra. Modern Western Neo-tantra is what most people encounter here in the US and I’m not involved with that either. I found it to be boring and useless. Most people involved in Neo-tantra are middle-aged folks who are bored with their relationships or clueless young new agey types. As a dominatrix and sex worker since 2001 I’m a bit more advanced than that. There are people that do these things authentically and skillfully, but I am not one of them. I can offer you some references if this is an area you’re curious about.

What I do that I call tantra is two things. First, I see a lot of guys saying “tantra” as a polite and more sophisticated way of asking for prostate play and strapon play. I am totally into that, so please come see me if you want a sexy gal to touch your butt. Secondly, I am an occultist and I am experienced in working with natural sexual energy and magic. I will not have sex with you, but I can lead you through a guided masturbation meditation or ritual, instruct you on solo sex magic spells or do energy work on you while doing prostate play. Or something like that. There is a bit of Eastern Tantra in Western occultism, in particular the idea of facing and experiencing taboos, especially sexual taboos. Aleister Crowley in particular documented his experiences with sexual taboos as a method of spiritual growth. And well, as a dominatrix who does more brown showers than any other fetish, I have quite a bit of experience with sexual taboos. If you want an ordeal experience of your physical, mental and spiritual boundaries I’m your Mistress. Brown showers not required, but if that’s something you like I can do that too.

Request a session using the link at the top left on this page

Edgy, intuitive, sadistic. Roxxanne Rex is a Queen specializing in the fine art of tease and seduction with her long muscular legs, clad in only the finest stockings. She takes great pleasure in foot worship, and watching you lick the soles of her feet. This Queen can also transform into a nasty punk grrl who will fuck you in the ass and piss on your face in a dirty back alley.

Roxxie is a San Francisco Bay Area fetish model and pro-domme, with dungeon space in Oakland. Arrangements can be made for travel to other Bay Area locations. Mistress specializes in foot, leg, shoe, stocking, body worship, tease and denial, full toilet, CBT, pegging, humiliation, occult domination, phone domination, findom, smoking, spitting, trample, queening/facesit, electrical, alien abduction, cross-dressing, and much more.

Session with Mistress and tribute $220 per hour

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