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Mud bathing at the Standard Spa in Miami Beach, FL

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As many of you know I had some hard times in 2010, and I spent the whole last half of November and the entire month of December being totally burned out. I know many of you follow my twitter and have seen countless complaints about chronic pain, insomnia, problems at the day job, losing my photo studio, and ongoing problems with utilities and ants in my new warehouse space. I took several vacations, but it was only on the trip to Calistoga, gift from a generous gentleman, that I was truly able to relax. I had a spa night up there with the mud bath and mineral water jacuzzi. That was the first night in several months that I was able to relax enough to fall asleep and stay asleep for an appropriate amount of time. It was the mineral water that really did it for me, and I look forward to be able to go back a little more frequently. It wasn’t very expensive so if you are looking for a gift I can let you know who in Calistoga to call to get me a spa trip.

I don’t know if I’m feeling any more balanced in this whole work/life thing. My work as a femdom is just so personal that a lot of the times I feel like I’m not working at all. ┬áIt’s also difficult having to sell yourself to people, as any self-employed, small business owner or salesperson knows. It can get really deeply personal when you’re rejected or fail to make a connection. I remember it being like this in the strip club, and trying to work through the issues at that time. I think I’m in a much better place mentally now, but it still hurts sometimes and it can get exhausting.

I have some big personal goals for 2011, and I hope for you all to be a part of them! Keep following for updates and get in contact. I would love to hear from the folks in my fan club.


Edgy, intuitive, sadistic. Roxxanne Rex is a Queen specializing in the fine art of tease and seduction with her long muscular legs, clad in only the finest stockings. She takes great pleasure in foot worship, and watching you lick the soles of her feet. This Queen can also transform into a nasty punk grrl who will fuck you in the ass and piss on your face in a dirty back alley.

Roxxie is a San Francisco Bay Area fetish model and pro-domme, with dungeon space in Oakland. Arrangements can be made for travel to other Bay Area locations. Mistress specializes in foot, leg, shoe, stocking, body worship, tease and denial, full toilet, CBT, pegging, humiliation, occult domination, phone domination, findom, smoking, spitting, trample, queening/facesit, electrical, alien abduction, cross-dressing, and much more.

Session with Mistress and tribute $220 per hour

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